Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009...Bring it On

Happy New Year...I'm quite happy and excited to welcome in 2009...and with it the Hope that it will be a great one, not only for myself but for all my family and friends(now if I could only find my crystal ball).News Resolutions...well there is a few but I will keep them under wraps for the moment.

My Quote to Live by for the YEAR ahead:
Cherish the everyday Moments
Because You never know what they will Bring.

To start the year of, I want to share my 2 favourite Layouts at the moment (one new and one from my "To be Completed" stash).This layout which I'm so proud of has also been picked up by Basic Grey for their Gallery.

My Darling Munchkins from a recent photo shoot...I had been taking photos of the kids seperately when my nephew went over and grabbed his sisters hand and kissed it (I was so excited that I had captured this tender moment)..I asked him why he had kissed her hand...he replied " I Love Her !" (My eyes teared up).

The Little Man and Me at a Family Wedding (I posted these photos ages ago and I can't believe it has taken me this long to finish it)...My Nephew drapped all over me as usual but I love it....Kisses and Hugs to You

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