Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scrap N' Art News

These are my two Layouts that were Published in Scrap n' Art News Magazine July/August Issue. My Nephew loved seeing himself but my poor little niece is yet to get her face up in lights ( Personally I think she may be just to beautiful to be Published hahahaha...My endeavour is to keep trying....Dont worry my little girl we will get there)

I used the Cosmo Criket range for this layout, as I love alot of height and depth in my Layouts I incorporated alot of chipboard elements which I covered with the Paper. The stitching around the frame was a nice finishing touch.

This range from Basic Grey was perfect for these photos. Quite a simple Layout where the Photos are the main Focus.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tagged by Tracey Jackson...

I was tagged by Tracey Jackson,if you made it this far YOU are tagged also - GOTCHA !!!!!!!
Just copy and paste with your own answers in your blog and then tag all your buddies

Two names you go by: Nicky G and Nic.

Things you are wearing right now: My Black Ugg Boots, Red PJ Bottoms, Black Jersey Top and a Red Woollen Head Band (its winter here)

Two of your favorite things to do: Taking lots of Photos of my two little Munchkins and catching up with Family and Friends (that includes all my net friends)

Two things you want very badly at the moment: To win the Lottery and a Big Long Overseas Holiday.

Two Pets that you have or have had: Mishka (current doggy), Peppa (my cockateel)

Two things you did last night: Uploaded Layouts into my online gallery at, watched the DVD "P.S I Love You"

Two things you did today: Started organising my Tax stuff yyuuuukkkk, caught up with my brother Martin and sister-in-law Linda.

Two things you ate today: Lots of Chocolates which gave me lots of sugar hits while combing through all my paperwork and Hot toast with Honey and Butter ( the best in winter)

Two people you last talked to: Martin and Linda about our plans for the week. Already discussing what we are up too next week end .

Two things you're doing tomorrow: Work (only because I have to), Scrapbooking (finishing Layouts for up coming classes)

Two memorable vacations: My First European Holiday that lasted 6 many many terrific memories. Hopewood Day Spa ( Total Relaxation and Pampering)

Two favorite holidays: Christmas (with the kids around...its an absolute delight), New Years Eve(The Sydney Harbour Midnight Fireworks is the most amazing site and experience anyone could ever see...and Im lucky enough to be here each year for it).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Page 89....

Well after 6 months from first submitting and getting accepted till now, my first paper publication has hit the stands...Yes Page 89 in Scrapbooking Memories Volume 10Issue 4. I have been fortunate to have had alot of my Layouts accepted into the Basic Grey Gallery and I have been published in ScrapN Art....but in Australia it's been extremely hard to break in....So it's my first in Oz and I must admit I'm over the Moon.The Photo is of my Nephew giving me a Hug..I must admit there is nothing nicer or more special than the arms of a child hugging you.

On another note I have been re-organising some of my scrap stuff...I have 17 Unfinished Layouts, OMG I seriously have to find the time to get them done....although they are in a nice neat pile hahahaha....Yuk they should be finished, can't believe I have so many.

I'm just about to finish my next layouts for upcoming classes will post some sneak peaks...but I'm excited about my Off the Page Project which is coming along Beautifully, It's a Christening Book.. (Concertina Canvas Book) using the brand new range from Paper Inklings.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Double or Not?

I've often been asked about what I like doing most. I have to say that Off the Page Projects are definatly my favourite things to make,followed by Single Page Layouts. I struggle most with the Doubles, it must be the balancing act over the 2 Layouts. With the Classes that I teach especially the Monday night courses they are all gives the girls the opportunity to create a story with multiple photos if they choose to. So all the Doubles that I have uploaded are from courses that I have taught.The courses start with Basic ,Intermediate and now the Advanced.Monday nights have evolved to themed Coures, so far 2 Heritage Courses, Boys to Men, Girl Talk and currently the 'Me Album'.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Winter Woolies

Super Cold Mornings with a definate chill to the Air, Woollen Hats, Fleecy Tops and Good Old Fashion Gum Boots.A taste of the next couple of months.But fortunately on most days the Sun is shining to enjoy the Outdoors....These Photos were taken recently when My Niece and Nephew came to spend a weekend with Me. We had lots of Fun as we always do...and the great thing is now that they are alittle bit older (They are now 2 and 3), we have "Now Smile for Me and I will show you Your photo straight away like Magic" Camera times. To Me they are the most two Gorgeous Kids in the world....Luv You Both