Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stash Pile on the Decline

What a Brilliant start to the Year...With an Awesome Christmas and New Years celebrations behind me....My holidays are now in full swing....and they have been a blast so far...So today I finally stayed in ( I'm away for my holidays) and did some scrapping...I must, I have to scrap my pile of uncompleted layouts that I still haven't finished (there was 42 originally)...they are the thorn in my side at the here are 4 ( only 32 to go ...when will it end hahahahahha).

On another note Im totally in Luv with my New Chrissy Present which I have finally got up and running properly...Yeh I got a Laptop...and its RED ....and its gorgeous ( Yes I know I sound like a Kid in a Candy Store...but I cant help it).

Oh by the Way...What do you think about the changes I've made to my Blog...I think it's definately more me....Gotta Love Red.

My Nephew and Me zooming around like aeroplanes in the backyard with him sitting back in a laundry basket. Exhausting but lots of fun.

Another one of those times where lots and lots of photos are taken perfect ones but the memory of the time spent together far outways everything.

My Friends "K" and " H" at a dinner...last year. It's always great to catch up with them. Lots of laughs and lock jaw from all the talking.

My Darling niece trying to catch lots of's a shame that you can't capture the giggles that occur during these super fun times.

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Tracey said...

lol at rthe unfinished layouts, your getting there hon, loving the layouts the basic grey one with the double frame is so clever, love the way you did that, and of course - always good to see them little kiddies TFS XXX