Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Terra Incognizant

I received many beautiful gifts on my birthday, amongst them a surprise! This was a card with an enclosed note. I read it many times taking in its content. It stirred a Rockpool of Memories, most that I had tried so hard to supress....yet other memories always there........ It made me wonder how many people exist without Living the lives they really want? Or taking the steps to return to where they had previously experienced Joy and Real Happiness…. Now they look back and wonder if they could try again? It’s a hard place to be in… Wanting to know but not knowing, wanting to Reach out, not knowing How or which Path to take. But some times continuing to Break the Ice after that first initial step has been taken is maybe where Strength comes into play and that Strength has to come from Within, to Trust that inner core. It’s a difficult Step. The part of You that’s still Alive needs to Know and Believe, that the next move can be taken, no matter how hard it seems.

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