Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Hugs

Its amazing how fast your Birthday comes around each year...and yes mine has arrived...with it reflection of the year that has past and thoughts of the year yet to be.I normally dont write about the weather but I have to admit between storms,wind and freezing weather I have never experienced such bad weather at this time of the year (You always know what to expect around your Birthday)....So from a Picnic in the a BBQ at home...My whole family helped me celebrate my Day....Lots of Laughs, Playing silly games and a Lovely Fun Filled Day....As for the Photos...My nephew has discovered a new smile...Closed Eyes and a Cheeky this one is the best of the lot...My Nose looks like Rudolf's and Face/Eyes all swollen as I had the Worst Hay Fever/Allegies possible (Blaming the Weather )BUT hey you cant win them all.My Wish for the Year ahead.....Happiness in all areas of My Life.

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