Sunday, April 11, 2010

Relaxation and a Little Boy

Relaxation: (n) 1. The act of relaxing or the state of being relaxed. 2. Refreshment of body or mind;
3.A form of rest or recreation. 4. A feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry.

Well thats the definition and thats how I feel...having a little mini holiday has been great...going out, friends, family, a little pampering and definantly alot of time out....I even got to read a book from cover to cover...YEH.

My Little Nephew had his first official soccer game yesterday..It is so cute and really funny watching all the little boys running around. We were in stitches while we all watched, I'm not sure if my nephew will be the next Ronaldo or Beckham ( he liked chatting away on the field) but he had lots of fun...the score 6-6 draw...Great effort. 

This layout is way over due by 8 months, I completed this mid last year but only got it back recently. Another layout that is alittle girlie but at the time I needed a picture on the layout before I taught the class and this one matched the layout perfectly. Featuring "Prima" papers and flower spray...I wanted to do something alittle different.I have used a Hambly graph transpency and adhered it to the back of the papers after blading a circle out...A little window of sorts...Around the window I have added some beautiful brocade lace and finished it off with crystals. No inking on the layout LOL..All the edges of the papers were torn, scalloped two different border edges and finished it with a length of crystal beads.
A few close-up pictures

Something a little different...when this range of papers come out from"Best Creations" they were ideal for these pictures of my nephew on his tricycle that I bought him awhile ago...he loves it still...his just getting alittle big for it now (although he would disagree)...Very simple in design, with some cutting and blading, the only other elements that I added was some brads, string and ribbon, as well as painted chipboard letters.

A few Close-Up Pictures

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Tammy said...

Gorgeous layouts! The first -- soft and sweet, just like that little boy. The second -- vibrant and colorful -- adorable!