Thursday, October 30, 2008

White with 2.....

White with 2...That is to say 2 Layouts from my White Album series that Im teaching.These are my takes on Red and Neutral (earthy colours)....and then the home run will be with White/Pink and lastly White/ stay tuned for those layouts which will be coming soon

Aside from Scrapping, Life is a little caotic with work, external audits, always a stressful time of the year,bring on next Thursday when life returns to normal.I havent posted layouts for a while due to work commitments....but I needed some time here goes.

Last year for my Birthday I had a Scrap Party with all my friends that I teach and work with at Scrapbook Dreams...It was a Full House with lots of Laughter, Silliness and crazy games...Everyone had a Glitter heart painted on their faces and the night was fantastic...Here is me with 2 of my buddies "K" and "H".This was my take on White with Neutral ...Lots of Stamping,Tearing and Earthy tones.

A Few Close-Up Shots

Another Party for my Birthday but this time with my family....My S.I.L made this wonderful Tiramasu cake which my Nephew wanted to feed me...but one spoon in he decided that he didnt want to share my cake...go figure, needless to say the 30 photos that were taken were very funny...and that piece of cake remained on the spoon , not on the floor.These are a few of the photos.....The layout obviously features red....Lots of Swirls,Ladybugs and Red Pearls.

A Few Close-Up Shots

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Nicole such stunning layouts, love the detail.

Carole xx