Monday, July 7, 2008

Double or Not?

I've often been asked about what I like doing most. I have to say that Off the Page Projects are definatly my favourite things to make,followed by Single Page Layouts. I struggle most with the Doubles, it must be the balancing act over the 2 Layouts. With the Classes that I teach especially the Monday night courses they are all gives the girls the opportunity to create a story with multiple photos if they choose to. So all the Doubles that I have uploaded are from courses that I have taught.The courses start with Basic ,Intermediate and now the Advanced.Monday nights have evolved to themed Coures, so far 2 Heritage Courses, Boys to Men, Girl Talk and currently the 'Me Album'.


Tracey said...

I always struggle with doubles and usually end up with 2 complementary single pages rather than a double page layout, wish I could sit in on your classes XXX

Susan Goetter said...

Nic...just stopping by to check out your blog....Looks great! Love your work....haven't seen you around much at're probably just busy like all the rest of us!

I'm in total agreement about the 2 page layouts....That was all I did when I first started scrapping about 8 years never do a two pager!

Bet your classes are loads of fun!!!