Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Life,New Birthday and a New Direction

What a Week.
Mon 14th Back to work after the Christmas Holidays..
First Submission accepted and Posted.
Tues 15th Went to pick up "I" and "K" from PreSchool for the first time.
Wed 16th A Passage of a Year gone by.
Thur 17th Maria gave Birth to a Baby "N". Big Healthy Baby. 4.5kg
Fri 18th The Kids came over and "I" slept in a New Big Bed...and did so amazingly .
Sat 19th Martins 31st Birthday so we called him up sang Happy Birthday Stric...
which he Loved. Then we all went to Lollipops Playland...Kids had a Ball..
Slides, Jumping Castles and lots of Playing....Nap Time....
then off we went to Stric's Party..
Sun 20th Hopefully Rest Day

What a great Week (other than work).
Every mintue with my Precious two, I cherish,
until the next time we spend time together again.

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