Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Five Birthday Wishes and a New School

These may look like your average school shoes, clean, no scuff marks and all shiny and new...but to me it marks the first day of a new era. My dear nephew has grown up and so on  Friday the 29th January,  he started Kindergarten .There was no tears to be seen just a big smile and alot of  excitement......It's just to soon.

Four days later, another  Milestone for him .....Today  was his 5th Birthday. The cuddles and kisses are still there as always...but I know time does not stop and before long I know he will be all grown up.


The following layouts all feature My Munchkin...

Nine Months old...at the Wedding of my Brother and S.I.L.

While working on this layout I had envisaged using other photos, but because I needed it A.S.A.P for a class  I went through my existing stash of photos and found all these....abit flowery for a boy I know.Since then I have decided to leave them just where they are (I'm sure he will have a few words to say about it in years to come :)

Definately the "Little Man" now....

Love You to the Moon and Back, and Back , and Back.

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