Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No More Tickles and Just Relaxing

I sometimes hate, hate, hate computers and this last week my laptop and I have not been the best of friends...I've had difficulties uploading photos etc...still having a few issues but hopefully things are now back to normal.Life is continuing to snowball out of control, thankfully I can escape into my scraproom and forget about everything in the outside world...if only for a few hours at a time.

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One of the things I love doing most is playing with the Munchkins and that usually means lots of tickles...these are just a few of the pictures captured when I was mucking around with the little man.The inpsiration for this layout came from the talented Spinvild, using papers from 7 Gypsies and Prima products.

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He is just such a Gorgeous Boy (Ok I know I'm Biased but seriously his to cute for his own good)...I little moment captured while he was taking a much needed break between playing in the backyard with friends.


Anonymous said...

ohhh I love you scrapworks! :D so beautiful, rich detailed and unik.
I can tell you put alot of love into them... so perfect!! :D


Lean said...

Great scrap work girl and yes laptops...gggrrrrr but we cant life with out it or is it a he that explains it..hihhiii.
bye bye,Lean

Scossie Jane said...

Your work is gorgeous - have just had a wee wander through your blog...

Know what you mean about laptops - I can't update because my laptop has gone and gotten a virus - a Trojan Horse no less - has had to be crashed back to factory settings - grrrrrrrrrrr..... xx

Anonymous said...

Ingvild is one of my favorite scrappers in the world, so you can't really go wrong getting your inspiration from her! ;)
Love your work, there's always so much to look at and be inspired by. And, yes, your boy is adorable! :)